1) Shipping Lab : When and how did you start working for the shipping industry ?


Esra : I am working in shipping industry for more than one year as a professional. After doing master in London as related to the shipping law, i have decided to work in this area since we need more shipping lawyers in Turkey


2) Shipping Lab : What is your academic background and your current activity;

Esra : After completion of my undergrad, i did LLM and planning to do Phd if i can, but not these days. For now, i am totally concentrated on my job.


3) Shipping Lab : What is it that you prefer in your job? What are the pros and cons in its current practice?

Esra : I really like working on charterparty and ship finance matters.I am happy that i can deal all of these subjects in Turkey. However, sometimes, it is difficult to specialise and follow updates on one subject internationally.


4) Shipping Lab : What do you think ‘Shipping Lab’ could change for the shipping industry ?

Esra : I believe the Shipping Lab may make contribution following the updates in shipping industry and provide network between shipping lawyers around the world.